Viprinet™ Downloads
VPN200 2 channel desktop VPN router. 1x GB ethernet WAN and 1x module slot, bonds up to 35MBit/s. GB ethernet LAN plus 2.4/5GHz WLAN. 100-240V AC adaptor.
VPN310 Modular 3 channel desktop VPN router, bonds up to 100MBit/s. GB ethernet LAN. 100-240V AC adaptor.
VPN511/512 Robust, non-modular VPN router bonds 4x 4G/3G plus 1x GB ethernet WAN for 5th channel, e.g. xDSL or satellite. GB ethernet LAN plus 2.4/5GHz WLAN, GPS. 9-32V DC or 100-240V AC adaptor.
VPN2620 Modular 6 channel VPN router, bonding capacity 400MBit/s. 1.5u rack-mount. 100-240V AC.

WAN Modules Hot-swap WAN modules for 4G/3G, GB Ethernet, VDSL/ADSL, 802.11 Client.

NOTE - A Viprinet multichannel VPN Hub is required and should normally be located at a data centre. A single Viprinet Hub can support multiple VPN routers and there are three versions, each occupying just one rack unit. Hub rental options are also available.

VPN Hub2030 - 500MBit/s bonding capacity
VPN Hub5010 - 2GBit/s bonding capacity

Mediaport LTE Portable, battery-powered VPN router, manufactured by Wired Broadcast and based on VPN51x series router. Bonds 4x 4G/3G and 1x GB ethernet WAN. GB ethernet LAN, 2.4/5GHz WLAN, GPS.